winter kids fashion colours

Top Winter Fashion Colours For Kids

Winter is one of the most special times of the year. While the adults may not like driving through snow and missing work, it is the best season in the young life of children all across the world. Winter brings with many special things such as sledding in the snow, building snowmen, missing school, and enjoying tons of Christmas presents. Therefore, it is really worth it to put a lot of effort in during the winter months to ensure that your child experiences the miraculous adventures of the winter.

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customise denim jacket

How to put your stamp on a customised denim jacket

Have you got some old Denim jackets just lying around or it is looking a bit worse for wear or you are just looking for some crafting work. Well, you can always try to customise your denim clothes to make them fashionable and wearable.

By refreshing your old Denim, you are not only going to save money but also create some fashionable design that can be unique. But for that you need good practice with sewing machine, needle and thread. Or if you have got some paint, you can use that. You can just have fun with it. Paints, colours and dyes are the ways to customise a denim jacket.

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shopping for baby clothes

Shopping for Cute Baby Clothes

Let’s face it, moms and dads love shopping for cute baby clothes not only because their child needs it but because they enjoy looking at their kid dressed into an oh-so-adorable something. While it might seem to you that the best baby clothes choosing criteria is its cuteness, you are wrong.

The clothes should be comfortable for your baby, otherwise, you’ll get a crying bundle of joy who is trying to get rid of those amazingly cute socks you spent a fortune on. So what do you need to consider when shopping for cute baby clothes?

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big business in children's clothing industry

Children’s Clothing: The Big Business

I didn’t realise quite how booming the children’s clothing industry was until my daughters got to the age of appreciating fashion. My girls are only nine and eleven years old. They’re already scribbling down items of clothing on their Christmas lists, rather than toys and other things you’d expect. Now we’re not just talking any clothes. My girls are into children’s designer clothing, from luxury kidswear brands such as:

  • ilovegorgeous
  • Little Marc Jacobs
  • Petit Bateau
  • Ralph Lauren,

and by all means, the clothing had better match. I’d rather encourage my daughters to buy clothing on sale or from discount stores. This helps to keep the expenses down, but as you can imagine is not always possible!

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buying trainers for little feet

Buying Trainers for Little Feet

There are plenty of adorable shoe styles for children that parents can not get enough of them. Some of the styles are used for sports programs at school and tend to sell out just before school starts each year. Finding trainers for little feet can be quite a big chore as many of the uniforms require a certain brand be worn and finding those styles during the summer can be quite difficult.  Continue reading

Cool Baby Brands


Shreds was founded in the early 1970’s and has been run as a family business ever since

The Company started by hand painting child’s apron’s on the kitchen table…….

Supplying Licensed Character Products designed to meet parent’s practical requirements without forgetting the fun element for kids!

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Bambino merino baby sleeping bag

Bambino Merino Baby Sleeping Bag Review

We had the pleasure in testing the Bambino Merino Baby Sleeping Bag. Made from all natural fibres featuring a soft 100% merino lining which is super soft and very kind to baby soft skin with a striped cotton outer. No synthetic filling or lining so very kind to baby soft skin.  Continue reading