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Bundles of baby gift ideas

Bundles of baby gift ideas

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Welcome to Izzy and Floyd

The home of Individually Personalised Baby Gift Bundles, as featured in the Sunday Times.

Everyone knows to make a Baby Gift extra special you have to wrap it with care and love, that's why there is no better wrapping than an Izzy & Floyd bundle.

Each Bundle is handmade in Wales using the finest materials and can be Personalised with a 'Name' and 'Personal Message' of your choice.

A gift to be cherished as a keepsake to store those little mementos!

And if it all gets a bit much, just email us at sales@izzyandfloyd.com we can give you helpful tips.


Who came first, Izzy or Floyd? Well, actually, Deborah came first. She gave birth to Isabella, you see.

Naturally, Deborah’s family and friends wanted to mark Izzy’s arrival with inspired and unique gifts. But, unless you know the world of baby products very, very well, it’s easy to get confused and disappointed.

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