customise denim jacket

How to put your stamp on a customised denim jacket

Have you got some old Denim jackets just lying around or it is looking a bit worse for wear or you are just looking for some crafting work. Well, you can always try to customise your denim clothes to make them fashionable and wearable.

By refreshing your old Denim, you are not only going to save money but also create some fashionable design that can be unique. But for that you need good practice with sewing machine, needle and thread. Or if you have got some paint, you can use that. You can just have fun with it. Paints, colours and dyes are the ways to customise a denim jacket.

If you already have an artistic eye for designing, you will be able to create some beautiful work. You can also look up designs on the internet and try to copy it. Either way it is fun to create something that will be your own design. Many people are afraid to try customising denim as they think they have no artistic knowledge. But what they don’t realise is that you do not need to be Picasso to produce an abstract pattern or colourful drawings. You can also use stencils to create.

First you need to create a mindset, what will go with your personality. You can enhance denim clothing by sewing clothing over it like patches if there are were and tear, or paint with contrast to the other side. You can do that to create dramatic effects. Lots of ribbons can really transform a plain denim jacket. You can just grab a scissor and strategically cut out makes a huge difference on the looks. Skilled seamstresses consider filling the spaces with various colours that is in contrast to the jacket. If there is any team you support or any logos that you really like now you can have that on clothing and sew on the back of your customised denim jacket. Wearing that will not only make you feel good you will inspire others as well.

You can even cut the sleeve to make it half sleeve or no sleeve. It can totally change the look of your jacket. The colour combination is really important. Sometime a little modification makes a world of difference. Try sewing jeans pockets on the sleeves. Sew buttons on the sleeves makes it different and cool.

Well if artistic creation is not your thing you have other choices. You can put your unique stamp on clothes by writing on them. What you write is totally up to you. This is the beauty of homemade clothing. By customising your denim jacket not only you save money, you also get to wear your own creation. You can also sale it and interestingly you can make a lot of money. Finally the jackets that you were able to make your own, your old denim will make you feel good about yourself. It is a great money saver.