shopping for baby clothes

Shopping for Cute Baby Clothes

Let’s face it, moms and dads love shopping for cute baby clothes not only because their child needs it but because they enjoy looking at their kid dressed into an oh-so-adorable something. While it might seem to you that the best baby clothes choosing criteria is its cuteness, you are wrong.

The clothes should be comfortable for your baby, otherwise, you’ll get a crying bundle of joy who is trying to get rid of those amazingly cute socks you spent a fortune on. So what do you need to consider when shopping for cute baby clothes?

1.Does it have buttons?

Buttons, bows, and ties are oh-so-pretty, especially when it comes to girls’ clothing. But they are outright dangerous. So if you are unable to watch your baby 24/7, you better skip that pretty buttoned up jumper or that amazing dress with laces. Baby clothing should be fastened with Velcro, zippers, and snaps.

2. Is It the Right Size?

Even the cutest dress or jeans will look terrible if they are the wrong size. Many moms tend to buy clothes thinking that the baby will “grow into it”. He or she most certainly will. But you’ll have to wait for it to happen.

In the best case, the child will look ridiculous in a shirt that’s two sizes too big. In the worst case, the poor kid will trip by stepping on the skirt or have his awesome and fashionable pants fall off at the worst possible time.

3. How Will You Put It On?

Remember, you are dressing a child, not a doll. Children wiggle, run away, cry and poop at the most inappropriate moments. So the faster you can dress them, the more chances there are that the clothes will stay clean and won’t tear or lose snaps and zippers. That’s why when you are choosing the cutest garments, make sure they have a wide neck, snaps and zippers in front, loose sleeves, and easy opening in the crotch area to help you change the diaper or pull down the pants fast to use the potty.

4. Is It Machine Washable?

If you are not buying clothing for one-time use, read the label carefully. It better say “machine washable”. Even the cutest kids become cutest piglets when you let them run free. So you will be doing a lot of washing. Hand washing is tedious and downright unpleasant. Most likely you don’t have time to waste, so go easy on yourself and leave that hand washable dress on the store shelf.

5. Is It Comfortable?

If your baby is still very small, you can dress him or her any way you like and the clothes will probably stay in place since the kid just can’t pull it off. But even the smallest children don’t like feeling uncomfortable, so they will get their revenge by crying and screaming until you get that hateful polyester shirt off of them.

Older kids will just pull the cutest but uncomfortable garments off and go about their business. So opt for cute baby clothes that are mostly made of natural materials and not too tight to hinder your baby’s movements.